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Residents and business owners within the South Lake Futures catchment area are eligible to apply to become a member. Ideally, candidates will have relevant experience working with small businesses or non-profit organizations as well as an interest in local community and business development.

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South Lake Futures is a Community Futures Development Corporation committed to providing economic development opportunities for small businesses in the Town of East Gwillimbury, the Town of Georgina and the Township of Brock.

Our Mission: To provide local solutions for rural economies by promoting business growth and job creation through financial support and economic development initiatives in the communities we serve.

Our Vision: To foster innovation, support expansion and grow our local economies for a sustainable future.

Providing Local Solutions for Local Economies 

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Over the years, the Sharon Temple has enjoyed an excellent relationship with South Lake Futures. They have supported us on many projects that may not have come to fruition without their help. However, it is not just the financing, it is the sage advice and guidance that we have received from staff. Their support and encouragement is sometimes as important as the financial considerations. It is certainly a great asset to have an institution like South Lake Futures in our community.

Sharon Temple Historic Museum


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183 The Queensway South
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